June 4, 2020

JetBlocks For Elementor v1.1.6 – WordPress Plugin

JetBlocks For Elementor v1.1.6 is a much needed addon for Elementor allowing to create stylish high-end headers and footers with multiple widgets specifically cut for Elementor-based header and footer templates.

Enjoy how easy you can create headers and footers with your own logo, nav menu and hamburger menu, WooCommerce cart, login forms and other unbelievable content adding more powerful features to the existing functionality.

JetBlocks allows creating headers and footers on a professional level without ever needing to acquire coding skills. It also adds Sticky Header functionality, providing the ability to create sticky headers and make regular sections sticky when needed.


Why JetBlocks For Elementor v1.1.6 Is So Special

Made for Elementor v. 2.0 PRO – JetBlocks widgets set works in perfect sync with Elementor 2.0 PRO and allows creating unique headers and footers in a few clicks.

Perfect for Building Headers & Footers – JetBlocks widgets include everything needed for making headers and footers.

Multiple Style Settings – Enjoy the enormous amount of stylization settings available for each of the JetBlocks widgets.

No Coding Skills Needed – Add a hamburger menu, a login form or a search field without ever needing to write a single line of code






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